Packing Top Tips

Returning from our family mini break, our neighbour remarked upon how little luggage we had, although my husband would disagree, (he still thinks all four of us should be able to travel with a ruck sack) I was quite pleased at the recognition I’d received for my savvy packing. In years gone by I would travel with countless bikinis and enough shoes to cover every eventuality but these days travelling with children means I need to pack smart if I want to showcase a different look using limited pieces. So I thought I’d share my top tips on what to take on your next sunshine trip;

  • SWIMWEAR: it’s small so you can afford to take a couple of options, (reversible gives you even more choice). Remember: this is not your 1998 Ibiza trip- you do not need two different bikinis every day!IMG_7324
  • KAFTAN: long enough to double as a sun dress. Essential when the sun is too strong, or when you don’t think lunching in your bikini top is quite as appropriate as it was in the days when you were haggling for free shots.
  • A good sized COTTON SCARF: this works as sarong for the beach, a cover up when visiting any religious buildings, and you can wear on the plane when it gets a bit chilly.
  • MAXI DRESS: this is your numero uno piece- universally flattering, preferably in a colour or print (for many women black is not as forgiving as they think). Choose one that you can wear casually around the pool, or accessorize for dinner. Add in an extra sundress to see you through the week, I have one that can be worn as a top too, so perfect to also wear with………IMG_1052
  • SHORTS: denim or chino-esque, these are key for mixing and matching with a casual vest (take a few, small and easily washable if needed) for daytime, and pair with a fancier top (see above dress) for the evening.IMG_7328
  • FLIP FLOPS & SANDALS: yep, that is it on the footwear front. Sorry ladies.  A pair of fancy, or coloured, sandals that can be dressed up or down will go with everything. Come on, who really wears the two pairs of heels they packed?
  • TRAVEL IN TROUSERS: Woven joggers, lightweight wide legs, or capri’s all fit the bill. Not only are they ideal if you are covering up on a sightseeing trip, but perfect paired with another fancy top for dinner.
  • PACKING: if you are packing a hat and don’t want to wander around the airport wearing it, pack it upside down in your case, filled with your underwear and swimwear to protect the shape. When packing, to avoid creased clothes, always roll, never fold. Finally, always put a swimsuit for you and your family in hand luggage so, even in the worst case and you arrive before your bags, you can still head straight to the pool and worry about the rest later.


Happy Holidays!

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