About Sheryl

Hailing from England, Sheryl has called Hong Kong home since her professional move in 2010, Make My Wardrobe Work encapsulates everything she loves about style, shopping and making people feel beautiful. 

After fifteen years working as a Buyer and Retail insider, she  is in an envious position to share her knowledge on dressing well with ease.

On her own style she says, “Over the years my life has changed so much, I’ve travelled continents, become a mum, and left the corporate world to start a business doing what I love. As such, the demands of my wardrobe have changed, my look and style have evolved. More than anything I have learnt that wearing clothes that look good and make me feel even better is far more important than following trend and fashion. I understand that owning clothes that both suit my lifestyle and translate through the seasons will always be a better investment.”