“My husband gave me a session with Sheryl for a milestone birthday.  It was such a success that I ended up booking a second session.  Sheryl has this unique ability to make you see all your clothes for the first time.  She matched things together that I would never have thought to and she helped breath new life into my wardrobe.  I thought most of my pieces would be thrown out for sure but Sheryl showed me new ways to wear them.  The session was like shopping in my own boutique.  She also put together a short list of basic items that I needed to buy to fill the gaps.  Before my session, I had no idea how to describe my style and by the end I was amazed to learn that I did actually have a particular style.  It has made shopping for new things so much easier and I also buy far less clothes.  Highly recommend.”
Judith Davison

“Sheryl’s wardrobe edit was one of the best things ever! I’ve saved a ton of money and it as so inspiring – re discovering my clothes again and buying new ones that I really loved”
Eva Papadakis

“I really enjoyed my session with Sheryl – it was so much fun AND productive! I ended up cleaning up more of my wardrobe than I imagined and dressing every morning is much easier than before. More importantly she has influenced the way I shop so now I am spending more wisely and choosing new pieces that work better for my wardrobe.”
Edwina Wong

“I can’t recommend Sheryl’s services highly enough. Although I had a pretty well organized wardrobe, I did have a habit of occasionally buying ‘expensive’ clothes that I never wore. I’ve also suffered from the common affliction of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! Over the course of a couple of really enjoyable hours one evening, Sheryl methodically went through and assessed my wardrobe. The result was some piles of clothes to sell and donate, but many more clothes mixed and matched into combinations I’d never thought of, to give me a whole new range of looks, without having to buy a thing. A few days later, Sheryl sent me a list of recommended pieces to fill in the gaps and more importantly, where to look for them. We’ve also been on a few shopping trips together. Never has shopping been so efficient, productive and fun. Shopping with Sheryl is like shopping with a friend, but one who knows what suits you and were to find it. She’s even helpfully honest in expressing whether a piece is worth the money. My only problem now is that I don’t want to shop without Sheryl”
Melissa Whiting

“Last year my son announced he was getting married. So time for an all important Mother of the Groom outfit. I decided that I wanted it custom made, but had no idea where to start. From the moment I contacted Sheryl, she made me feel at ease, but also explained very carefully each step of the process. Her time and expertise was invaluable, from choosing fabric, to shopping trips together, evaluation of my body shape and ideas for design, just to mention a few. At the end of this process, I was kitted out in a dress, jacket, shoes  and all the trimmings which I felt at ease and comfortable in. I don’t think I have ever had so many amazing compliments about my outfit as I had that day of the wedding. It was most gratifying. I cannot thank Sheryl enough for her time, input and suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend her.” 
Helen Binge

“Sheryl is so knowledgeable and her experience and au courant understanding is dynamite! She is also extremely professional and responsive! Everything from start to finish is great.”
Susan Madon

“I absolutely loved the session, the follow up email is incredibly detailed, has saved me TIME – which is such a big benefit these days, and has inspired me to update my look a bit. I was also so impressed that she got me to go to the tailors the next day!”
Sofia Mavros

“Sheryl was extremely thorough in understanding who I am & how I want my wardrobe to portray myself to the world. She effortlessly cut through the clutter in my closet, helped me understand my shape and style, and provided me guidelines on what would be the best things to add to my wardrobe.”
Chelsea B

“My husband bought me a packages from Make My Wardrobe Work as a special birthday treat. I was a little apprehensive at first of someone going through my ageing wardrobe. However, Sheryl was quick to put me at ease and work around my own style. She has a great eye for what will accentuate your features and hide all the other bits. Once she had helped me appreciate what really worked for me within my own wardrobe, she guided me in purchasing a few staple items that would bring my outfits together. I still follow Sheryl’s pointers whenever I go shopping and never buy anything unless it fits perfectly and I truly love it. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it gave me a whole new enjoyment out of my clothes again and an extra spring my step!”
Anouska Mutreja

“Sheryl is an excellent wardrobe teacher, you don’t just get an experienced practical and un-emotional cull, you get structured, personalized sartorial advice that is practical for Hong Kong. Her knowledge of brands and their offerings is extensive and practically attuned to what you need and your character. Sheryl isn’t concerned with what’s ‘in’ at Topshop or getting you to buy the ‘latest’ whim of the mass produced market, she interested in helping you make constructive, long lasting investments for key pieces, pieces she knows suit you and will be worn again and again. An excellent investment time-wise, confidence-wise and for your long term stylistic poise.”
Rachel Tandy

“You know you want something better – nicer for you… but don’t know how, don’t find the words to describe your unhappiness. Sheryl knows it all, without knowing you, she will understand what you feel. I was amazed to see how she understood exactly what I was looking for. And here we are, I have an organised wardrobe, great life time tips, and everyday you just look forward to putting your nice different clothes on. I used some of the tips for my kids too. Enjoy yourself and your wardrobe :)”
Nicole Staeheli Jaunin

I can’t thank Sheryl enough for helping me to create my work wardrobe. I owned so few pieces when we started and now I think I am very much on trend – I love my word wardrobe, thanks to our style inspiration mood board and skype chats. Truly I would not have been able to start my corporate chapter without Sheryl’s help.
Chelsea Borchers – Session two.